Who am I?

Hey folks! How are you today?

I’m Almeja Amor Soriano, a mother and a wife (a very tough job but I enjoy it as well), also a musician, artist and a travel writer. My dream is to share the wonders I will discover to every place my foot will lead me, satisfy your cravings (Food. Specifically), introduce people and their inspiring stories to the world.

What I’d love to do?

I love stories, really. And probably you too, right? I will be glad if you share your stories with me. You never know, you can inspire people who walks through the same storm you’ve walked through before.

What’s this journey all about?

Together, let’s create life experiences through different places we will visit, fill our stomach with sumptuous food and most of all, discover true stories behind beautiful scenery and recipe behind that perfect meal. After all, you find happiness in the way you live your life.

What’s your story?

It’s all about you. Your life, your stories.