ONE Day Escape: Manila-Legaspi-Manila

Our wonderful ONE-day adventure in Legaspi Albay, (Yep, you heard it right. Written in big bold letters!) happened last August 23, 2016. You wonder how we did it?

We are always on the lookout for flight promo fare (name it-cebu pacific, air asia, Philippine airlines, Skyjet…etc. etc). After (years) of finding the lowest price available with our target day of the week of course! (after all your boss will kill you if you file more than one vacation leave right?). At last! Our Cebu Pacific flight came in (with stars falling down from the sky) we booked our flight MANILA-LEGASPI-MANILA Php 1183 all in! Yepey.


Our arrival flight from MANILA was 8:25AM and our departure flight from Legaspi was 2:30PM so we have a whopping 6 hours and 5 minutes stay in Legaspi. We have to make our travel jam-packed!

THE PLAN: We must have a one-day adventure and good food, plus we need to sneak for some pasalubong (for evidence) of course.

THE ADVENTURE: Ultimate ATV ride to Mayon Volcano.

CONTACT: Your Brother Travel and Tours, click here

TIME: 8:45 AM to 11:30 AM


Your Brother is definitely a great choice if you are looking for ATV rides. The host we’re accommodating and will answer all your inquiries (kahit gaano kakulit). They have different packages depending on the type of ATV that you will use of course from Php699 – Php 7500*. They also offer free pick-up and drop off within Legaspi area. Wow! That’s a bonus, we don’t have to commute to places we are planning to go, thanks to their free offer.

When we are about to arrive at Legaspi airport (it’s just the right time our contact Kuya Lino called, our plane will land in 2 minutes) that he is already waiting at the airport’s parking. (Wow, on time si Kuya!). When we step outside the building, we just waited 30 seconds and whoah the vehicle is coming towards our way na. We said hi’s and hello’s and went off to their camp. When we arrived, we were greeted by the crews cheerfully and with smile in their faces. We undergo short orientation and discussed our options.

Since we are a group of 5, we chose the 350cc double (3 vehicles, 2 each per vehicle). Since one of us will ride alone, our tour guide will join her but will only pay for one person. Yeah right. We wear our gears and get ready for the ups and downs that we will encounter.

Our tour guide, Kuya Lino is very bibo. After short briefing on how to run the ATV he led us to our destination (not Final Destination!). The road is rough, rocky, slippery, wet, yeah you name it…. all kinds of road, ha. You don’t have to be an expert driver to operate the vehicle. You just need coordination and focus! Haha. After all, it’s so easy… take it from me.

20160823_091443.jpgWe went through road with flowing water (expect to get wet a little), forests, rocky roads and you will meet some locals who will show their biggest smile. For the documentation? Don’t worry, trust your pictures and videos to their tour guide. He knows all the angles, views, position, he will even choreograph what you will do to get that big shot!20160823_092600.jpg

We avail the Mayon to Base Camp trail. After reaching the camp, we have a little hiking activity up to the helipad where you can have a great view of the Mayon Volcano! Wow, the view was so super over amazing (minus the clouds that hide the Mayon…=() You can take pictures, videos, inhale and exhale the wonderful creation of God. By the way, you can have zipline going back to the camp in case you like.IMG_4432.JPG

After our trail, the cold towel was already waiting for us. Ohhhh my God that was so relaxing, after exposing our skins to some UV rays of the sun. After refreshing, we lead to our next destination (with service vehicle of course. =)

THE FOOD TRIP: Waway’s Restaurant

CONTACT: Waway’s Restaurant

TIME: 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM


With a very hungry stomach, we reached Waway’s restaurant in time. All our energies were drained so we need to re-charge. And the best way to do it? FOOD! Lots and lots of good food.

Waway’s restaurant is a buffet restaurant, and can you guess how much it will cost you? Drum-roll please…….Php 250.00 only. Yes!

From the appetizer, to main course, to desserts and bottomless drinks, who can say no to that? Adding the good taste of Bicol specialties. Yum yum…this is definitely a good place to hang out with.

SNEAK IN: Buy Pasalubong

TIME: 1:15PM-1:30PM

After filling our stomach with yummy food, we have to sneak a little time to buy some pasalubong. With our service vehicle (Kuya Lino is so kind talaga..). We bought pili nuts (of course), key chains and other stuff from the souvenir store.

And viola! We are on our way back to the airport just in time to check in and have some rest. The experience was exceptional and we felt more fulfilled than tired. We will go back to see the Mayon on its full beauty next time, and make sure we will!